A table of contents with Microsoft Word create – in 4 minutes

Published on June 18, 2018 Franziska Pfeiffer. Date updated: September 3, 2019

A table of contents (English: table of contents) are right at the beginning with an overview of the structure of your thesis or master thesis


How to create a table of https://writingbee.com/ buy custom essay papers contents in Word:

  1. the desired headers. of Word allocate (Heading 1, 2 or 3). tab, table of contents. automatic table of contents.

In the course of writing up headlines and page numbers, however, are constantly changing.

This can save you an automatic table of contents Word a lot of formatting stress and you can avoid careless mistakes.


Video Tutorial – Create a 4-minute your table of contents in Word

In this video we show you how you can quickly and easily create an automatic table of contents for your dissertation or master’s thesis using Microsoft Word.

3 Steps to Table of Contents

First, you should see the paragraph sign and navigation display in Word.

So you have to format your document always in mind.

1st Headings and subheadings format

Formatting all the headings with the style, heading ‘.

Main chapter headings should be given the first level (Heading 1), Subchapter each following levels (Heading 2, 3, etc.).

style for headings in Word Change

headings that same style to use (eg. As Heading 1) can be adjusted simultaneously with a single click.

Right-click on the desired style, you can easily change the font, font size, sales and more.

There are no precise specifications. To make the work not optically clear, it is advisable for chapter headings the font size 16 pt. To select bold and pt subheads 14. To put in bold.

Automatic numbering of headings

For the numbering you simply click on the button, multilevel list ‘and choose the format desired by you. See also 2:07 minutes on our YouTube tutorial.

All Chapter / Heading levels now automatically based on your numbers.

So all your headlines are clean and structured. Whether the numbering is correct, you can just type in the navigation bar to check.

second Create Table of Contents

There are two ways to create the table of contents of your thesis or master’s thesis; you can choose an automatic template or edit the layout itself.

In either case, you go to the page on which you want to insert the table of contents and clicking in the taskbar on references (https://cdn.scribbr.com/Verweise) Table of Contents. How to do this, you also see in minute 2:47 of our video tutorials.

The automatic Table of Contents

If you have to, click Contents’, you can simply select an automatic table of contents that you want to insert.

The custom of Contents

When you scroll in the same window down and up, click Custom Table of Contents’, you can even adjust the settings to your table of contents.

Here you can u. a. set whether you want to fill characters where your page numbers to be displayed and how many levels of your headings should be specified.

third Update Table of Contents

Now you have the table of contents of your thesis or master thesis automatically created with the help of Microsoft Word


Before delivering the work you should not forget to update it. Just click right-click on the table of contents and then, update fields’. Here you can update the complete text or only the page numbers.

More information

Is your thesis properly?

Average contains a thesis 150 error per 1,000 words .

Curious? Move the slider from left to right!

Tips for your Table of Contents

  • are short but informative.
  • The length of the main and sub-chapters is.
  • never (never 1.1 None 1.2) come alone before.
  • maximum of three levels of sub-sections (max. 1.1.1).
  • and other elements outside of the text are given without numbering.
  • yourself if necessary to the requirements of your university.

Page Format numbers

Also, page numbers, you can let you automatically insert Word. Because in scientific work, it is often proviso that they are not visible on the sides of the table of contents, but only start from the introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Word provides you an automatic function to create a table of contents. For that you have your headings with the respective style fitted and can insert a table of contents on “References”.

You can find the top right of the different styles Under the “Start”. “Change” on the right click you can for headings 1, 2 and 3 different font sizes, styles, and colors to adjust.

Now choose for each of your headings the right style from.

You can view the automatic table of contents feature of Word use to create points for your table of contents.

Look at our video tutorial to learn how to do that.

After the contents was in fact created, you can edit it by right-clicking and pasting using the “tabs”, points at different distances.