Tips on Writing A College Book Report

What Should You Include in Your College Book Report?

Many college students struggle with writing their college book reports because they do not know what to include. Realize that your college report should be unique and informative. Therefore, what you write will make a lasting impression on your professor. You will have proved that you are an excellent writer. For this reason, you should ensure that your report is informative.

Components of a Good College Book Report

Below is a basic list of what you should include in your college report.


The prologue sums up the report’s thesis statement and focuses the reader on what to expect from the document. Since the prologue is one of the last parts written, it should not be too lengthy. You could even begin with a topic sentence to hook the reader and help them know what to expect from the rest of the report.

Another ideal way to start your report is to give the main points. For example, let’s say that you are writing a book report on the best British children’s author, Charles Dickens. On this topic, you should start with a statement like, ‘The author”. It is crucial to remember that this is the prologue sentence of the paper, and it is a mandatory sentence. It should serve as the information spine of the book report.

Give a brief background about the author of the said book. Let’s say that you learn that Dickens is a best-selling British author of the last three hundred and thirty years. A few brief facts that you add here will make the reader understand the importance of learning from this author. Make sure to use relevant facts and information.

Do not introduce new ideas in your introduction. Your introduction should serve to summarize the central theme of your report. The introduction should clearly show that you did proper research about the said subject.

Literature Review

A literature review is a useful section to write if you have a thesis statement in your paper. In this section, you can discuss several theories of the topic. However, focus on detailing the main points of your report. Use personal experiences and reference materials to provide evidence to your points.

You can also use your report to highlight dissertations and published works related to the topic. Be mindful to use logical transitions that make your writing easy to follow.

Themes and Background

Now that you have all the needed data and ideas to include in your book report, let’s discuss what your thesis statement should entail. It should involve more than a sentence or two in a structure that makes sense. As such, you should clearly discuss the subject. You can start by summarizing all the main points in the book in your report. Then, put forward a thesis statement that ties together your points. 

Limitations and Disadvantages

The report should not be biased in the sense that it is biased towards the perspective of the student reporting the book report. You can confirm if you are in a better position with your report or the results of the research. For example, if the book is known for its drama, then how can it be considered a good study if it has not been proven to be a success? The report should not ignore the negative impacts of the book. It is important to note that many other readers do not like the book, which means that they will not read your paper.

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